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Imagine waking up to this email:

"On Monday, Jan. 14th, 2019, monthly Drip pricing will be increasing...

At the moment your subscription is $2,634/mo. for up to 367,500 subscribers. This equates to be $31,608 per year.

On the new pricing model, you would be at $4,193/mo. with up to 370,000 subscribers. That's $50,316 per year..."

Drip gave me less than 2 weeks to decide, and I was livid because they already had serious outages - including one that caused virus warnings for all my MSN/Outlook customers! Little did they know I had been working on a custom email platform for the last 3 months, and this was the push I needed to launch.

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I unsubscribed 637,226 users from my list this year

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